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Why You Need To Stop Trying To Change People


Many times i find myself as the frog more so than the scorpion (how ironic, eh?), which makes me wonder if kindness really does kill you in the end. Every time this happens, I feel like i drew the short end of the stick. Can people truly change (for the better)? I wonder if i am just being a fool in believing the good in people, or am i being too expectant of people to reciprocate kindness with kindness.

Then again, my mother would often remind me, it’s ok to feel bad, just don’t make it stop you from being kind. Regardless of what happens.

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For those of you who don’t know the story of the scorpion and the frog – allow me to enlighten you. A scorpion needed to cross a river, so he approached a frog to ask for help. The frog denied him, saying “Why should I trust you? You could easily sting me.”


The scorpion assured the frog he would be safe because if he were to sting the frog during their trip, they would both drown. The frog, figuring this made sense, agreed to transport the scorpion. Half way across the river, the scorpion stung the frog, and they began to sink.

When the frog asked why, the scorpion replied, “Because it’s in my nature…”

This raises the question – can people really change, even if they want to? I believe there are certain aspects of a person’s nature that are instilled in them, but I also believe that you…

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Why Your Relationship Can Make Or Break You


“Dependency and infatuation can easily be mistaken for love. If you don’t trust someone and feel held back by them more than you feel encouraged by them, it’s time to be honest with yourself and do something about it. Just because someone desires you, does not mean that they value you.”

Quite an eye-opener for a random post i read today. This is certainly giving me a lot to think about.

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When we choose the people we want to commit ourselves to intimately, it’s important to realize that the intimate alone time we are going to spend with them is not the only part of our life they will have an impact on.

The support and encouragement received from a significant other carries a different kind of weight than that from a friend or family member. This is someone who should also be your best friend and head cheerleader.


A clear sign of a healthy relationship is when their presence in your life alone will motivate you to become the best version of yourself – without changing who you really are.

This includes personal as well as professional development. To always be improving. Striving for success. Wanting the best for you and for them. Not just for financial reasons, but because it will strengthen you as a couple as well.


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