I’ll be missing you…

Oh, Walt. Jesse. ❤


Waiting Sucks… but in a Good Way ;)

Gee Willikers!! This #SDCC trailer of True Blood did nothing but arouse my appetite for it even more. Looks like a whole lot of crazy is gonna be happening in Bon Temps (if it ain’t already) in the next few episodes.

Honestly, what will make this better would probably the awesome twist of actually getting Quinn in the mix (or are they reserving that for next season?!) Still, even without that, this season offers a lotta Alcide, Eric and Russell to make it worth the watch.

Man, i canNOT wait to see the next episode now!

Reality Art: yay or nay?

An upcoming reality series is in the works, produced by none other than SJP (yes, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker) that’s very “project runway”. In this scenario, several “obscure” artists will be pitted against each other to become the “next Big thing in the realm of arts”.

photo courtesy of Vmagazine.

The show, which premiered June 9 on Bravo, “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” showcases these talents and have them bicker on cam about “art” and all its eccentricities. 14 “unknown” artists compete for a solo show at a nationally recognized museum (as well as bag a generous cash prize). China Chow hosts, and Simon de Pury of famed auction house Phillips de Pury is the show’s in-house mentor to these young talents.

Hmm. Not really sure what to think of it, really. I think reality shows are already all over the place, and now this? Whatever. I wanna know how this whole judging thing works out, since art in itself is truly too broad to even delineate, let alone “judge”. Will this winner bear on its marketability as an artist or will it be based purely on the technical execution of his work? For that matter, who really has the final say on what makes good art? Will have to wait for the cable channels to pick this up..

Tuned In to the Brits

While i enjoy the many shows offered by our tv, i am (not so)secretly loving these series which aren’t available locally. Brit humor has always been a joy to watch (Little Britain, Coupling, Spaced), so these new joys are a pretty refreshing bunch. Anybody working for the local cable stations? Please try to get these shows on your channels!

No Heroics — in a town with superheroes, everybody’s special in their own way. Four friends stick it out dealing with their powers, living “normal lives” and getting by with everyday life.

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross — this talk show boasts of VERY interesting personalities, zany characters, witty dialogue and amazing music — and that’s just the host and his crew! Here’s one of my favourite moments, an interview of the amazing naturalist, Sir David Attenborough 🙂 Definitely something to tune into .