“But only in their dreams can men be totally free…”

Growing up the first movie i watched of Robin Williams was Dead Poets Society. It was a movie my friends and i watched for class, and it struck a chord in all of us. “Carpe Diem — Seize the Day!” was the catchphrase, and such a wonderful ideal it was for someone who was just starting hers.
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Set in a near future when fans are so obsessed with celebrities that they can eat cloned flesh meat from their favorite star or inject themselves with viruses that the star has already suffered through, Antiviral stars Caleb Landry Jones as a man who tries to steal a super-rare disease from a lusted-after actress by smuggling it through his own bloodstream … though that smuggled bug becomes a bit of a ticking clock when the actress appears to expire from it.

I canNOT wait to see this 🙂


Guni-Guni tells of a story of Mylene, a shy and withdrawn Medical school student with a past living in a boarding house in Cubao. “When asked to perform an abortion for fee, she is conflicted about doing what is right and, at the same time, being in dire need of tuition fee. Her decision ultimately leads to a dark outcome and awakens a force that has laid quiet for years in the boardinghouse grounds. Soon she becomes tormented by nightmares of a dark twin, whose presence gets stronger as days pass and strange things start to happen in the house.“- Facebook

Directed by Tara Illenberger, the movie stars Lovi, Empress Schuck, Benjamin Alves, James Blanco, Gina Alajar, Julia Clarete, Neil Ryan Sese, Ria Garcia and Gerald Pesigan. Guni-Guni opens August 22, 2012 in theaters.