“But only in their dreams can men be totally free…”

Growing up the first movie i watched of Robin Williams was Dead Poets Society. It was a movie my friends and i watched for class, and it struck a chord in all of us. “Carpe Diem — Seize the Day!” was the catchphrase, and such a wonderful ideal it was for someone who was just starting hers.

Over time Mr. Williams has given us memorable movies that touch the heart and make us laugh our heads off, even the ones that the critics say were bad were magically sweet and touching (for the record, Hook was an excellent film, no matter what they say!) I will always remember him for Dead Poets though. His portrayal of a teacher was truly stunning and moving. And like the talented actor that he is, Robin just became his character. There were so many great lessons in that movie that taught me so much about life and cheesy as it may be to some, they were truly words to live by. 

It’s heartbreaking to hear that he passed away, and under such shocking circumstances. I can only hope that he has found his peace. Thank you Mr. Williams for sharing your beautiful talent with us. Thank you for showing us to live life with such wit and humor. I will miss you.

Genie, you’re free.


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