It’s not just the journey

Most times, they say it’s the trip not the destination.

But what good is a trip that goes nowhere?

Sometimes, it’s the destination that’s worth the while.

The trip may have problems, the company may not be as fun, but such is life. Yes, there are potholes on the road, or detours we’d never imagined taking. We get into decision making mode and lose focus. While I can understand why people say that it’s the trip that counts (after all, the journey is the adventure), going through an adventure with no real reason makes you wonder: is there a point to all this?

There is, and that is the destination. The destination is there for a reason. It’s to guide us to a cause that makes all this worth the while. It’s not just an end point, but rather, a comforting idea to hold on to when times get rough, a light that illuminates our way when we are lost, and an inspiration to do more, do better, and live life.

Having a goal and achieving it makes all the stress and effort worth it! Carry On.


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