In transit

It’s disconcerting to be staying at a place for a while then have to move again and re-settle in a different place altogether. I feel like i’m back in the dorm again, where i stay for a week at my room with my roomie and move out for the weekend to my house, attempting to continue a semblance of routine. 😛

I’m not complaining, not really. This arrangement, though a bit strange, seems to be working for myself and the other half. I think what challenges me most about this is the transition period i have whenever i move from one place to the next. It takes me at least a day to settle and get back to a routine.

I do like the journey though. Whether i’m commuting via bus, riding along with friends or heading home with the honey, it’s always a nice feeling to be going somewhere and i look forward to the ride. I do love the anonymity that commuting gives me though. That weird bus ride that takes longer than a private ride makes me go through places i normally don’t pass through and gives one interesting insights while watching everything go by.

Wherever i end up though, I am grateful for the company and things i get to experience.

Here in the city (where i am currently at) I am grateful for the opportunity of mobility. Errands that need to be run can be accomplished with a short walk (or walks) as well as various means of transport. My current job (freelancing, a.k.a. getting stuck to my laptop) rarely allows me to move around so much, and i’m usually hibernating in the room. While I may be happily clicking and writing away in the province, i can rarely head out to the nearest store to de-stress/mull over what needs to be done in a coffee shop. 😛 Also, it really does pay to brainstorm with friends. Sometimes you need a different set of eyes to your work so you don’t drown in it.

The perks of living out side the city? Aside from the awesome weather conditions (cool breeze and rain beats sweltering in the heat of the city any day) allows you to lessen the A/C (or even a fan) and gives you so much time with Nature. I consider this a fair exchange to moving about the malls whenever i feel restless. Of course, this is usually cut short if the conditions are bad (i.e., it’s raining like crazy or the construction is ongoing). Of course, time with family is always a plus, and having to taste the hubby’s good food is always a double plus! It also feels like you are in another world completely.

So yeah, no big complaints here (sorry). Hope this week treats everybody well, wherever you may be.

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