It’s been a while since i’ve written, i know.

So what’s new? 

Nope, procrastination got in the way of my exercise plan (sorry body). I’ve been reduced to working erratic hours, sleeping in on my off hours and catching up on my series. Let’s hope that walking up and down those flights of stairs may have a better effect on my body than I hope. 😛

+ + +

When i took up freelancing again, I didn’t exactly flesh out my work schedule. While there are times that I may have some free time in my hands, I ultimately realized that being the neurotic person that I am, there is NO FREE TIME, really. I seem to end up thinking about my projects more during my free time and end up working on them on my “off hours”.

Err, workaholic mode much? 

I am however, quite glad that the projects I get to do these days (pro bono or not) are ones i’ve always had an interest at. It’s pretty exciting to be part of creating a brand or look for something new. It’s also given me some much needed exercise on programs i haven’t used in a while, and research has given me some more perspective on my process. (If you’re curious, check out some new projects i’ve been working on at my portfolio)

+ + +

Admittedly, these days life isn’t all THAT exciting (by that I mean like party hardy or something to that effect), but it has become a place that I comfortably feel like being in these days, kinda like a batcave of sorts.  It’s nice to be comfortable in your own space and have a chance to flesh out ideas, or even revise/edit some existing ones to make them even better. Hello, life, this is me getting older (hopefully wiser…) Ha! 

One can only wish.



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