Mid-Year Musings

Already into the second half of the year, yet there are so many changes that have happened it’s all a blur sometimes to think about them. I mourn for loss, exemplified in so many people and so many events. I am a bit bittersweet about new beginnings, cautious but at the same time hopeful that whatever comes my way, I am (or will be) stronger to take it, overcome it and shine through it.

So i take this chance to be thankful instead.

I am thankful, that amid all the sh*t i’ve been going through, there are individuals who have never wavered, nor shied away from the ugly and helped me through it.

I am thankful that friendship never wavers, even with the challenge of time and distance.

I am thankful for support from the most unexpected places.

I am thankful for new beginnings.

I am thankful that love is still there.


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