To say this month is “busy” is an understatement. As much as I wanna b*tch about it though, I’m trying to look into the positive side of things and take things in stride…well, that’s the original plan. I hope I can carry through this objective till the next month.

It’s certainly tested my patience and will to live, to say the least. Change is never something I can easily adjust to, but this month has certainly given me the lion’s share of challenges. The jury is still out on this one, but hopefully things will have a more positive result, and soon.

+ + +

I’m still a bit sad with all the deaths of good friends and family I’ve received this month. Death is never good news (even of my worst enemy) and it’s especially hard if the person is someone who has been a close person to you.

+ + +

I’m just grateful work has been insanely busy. It has kept me sane amidst all this upheaval. On the bright side, it’s certainly inspired me to work harder and focus on new projects… here’s hoping that the upcoming days will bring a lot of great news…


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