hellos and goodbyes

It’s the birthday of my very good friend Zsa, one of my best and oldest friends. It’s always amazing to realize that there are people who have been with you through so much and neither distance nor time has dissipated your friendship!

Zsa is one of those few people I know, being a friend since grade school (wow, it’s been that long, Zsa! Tanda na natin hahaha!) Happy birthday gorgeous! You are one amazing, talented and sweet person, and I am truly blessed to have you in my life 🙂

Zsa and myself during grade school graduation, along with good friends Rhiza & Janice

+ + +

Sadly, today is also the day I learned about the passing of my mentor and art teacher, Sir Benji. An art teacher and artist, he is one of the people who has inspired me and always encouraged me to do art. It’s quite sad to hear about his passing (he passed away over the weekend). Over the years we would bump into each other at art exhibits, and he was always such a dynamic individual who’s kind and truly fun to talk to. Sir Benji (yup, i still call him that) thank you for sharing with us your amazing talent and for inspiring me to do art. You are truly missed.



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