Holy Week

And summer break for the kids.

Yup, it’s upon us. Already I’m thinking about the numerous projects i need to get done before thursday and friday… GAAAH. After what seemed like a weekend filled with so many happenings, I feel the onslaught of work pushing on me. No worries, i hope! Things will hopefully slow down once this monday is over…

The end of the week is crucial as well. Here’s hoping that things will go brilliantly, and with positive results!! *crossing fingers and praying like crazy*

In other news, I got to get enough sleep to tide me over till tomorrow (yup, i slept through Earth hour last saturday, which i think is a good thing, considering i didn’t use that much electricity by sleeping, LOL)

Oh, and my friend Corrinne is getting married! We got caught up with her by giving her a dinner send-off with close gal pals. It was an awesome night! There were so many good vibes, and lots of girl talk that still resonates in my brain right now. 🙂 Super happy for you, dear!

Ok, enough chitchat. Let’s hope for a good week, y’all.


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