On resolutions, the new year & breaking it down


Leave the past behind” is what people normally tell me once i start doing my melancholy trip through memory lane.  Oh shoot. The poster quote above pretty much says the same thing, only with a brighter note.

Disclaimer: This may be a ranting post (or not, depends on how you read this), so feel free to close this browser and listen to some music or tumble along social networks.

That said, I guess my NYE was a bit anti-climactic. The world didn’t end in 2012, and for the lack of a better word, NYE was a bit lackluster after all that fuss about the Mayans. Still, the new year resonates change, and change is something I feel I really need to amp up this year.

This whole idea of drastic change appeals to the wanderlust in me. There have been so many times during the last year (and even early this year) that I have been contemplating on finding new (to do), and it really bothers me. I’ve been told that “Sometimes you get so caught up with all the details that you fail to see the bigger picture“. But what if the bigger picture is not so good to begin with? I’ve begun to question my decisions and wonder if this is truly what I want in my life.  I think I might just have to check out more options and hope for the universe to show me a few new doors. *crossing fingers*  Universe, give me a sign!

 I’ve been doing some soul-searching since my birthday last year, and perhaps this may just be a phase, but I really DO need to motivate myself to do new things. It’s not about fixing what’s not broken. It’s about exploring something NEW and doing some NEW. Ok, these thoughts are still pretty vague but I’m hoping that come mid-year I will be hopefully in a more “stable” place in what I’m doing, where I’m going and well, how I’m living my life.

Don’t get my wrong, I like my life, and I am grateful and blessed. I guess the competitor in me refuses to “settle down” and just take this all in. There’s so much more this world has to offer on top of that. So yeah, hence the wanderlust, the restlessness, the need to challenge myself with something new.

Resolutions for this year?  Just the idea of doing something that’s entirely new is giving me chills and scaring the sh*t out of me, but the fear itself is driving me to that point that I tell myself I need to do it.  I was reading this article about making resolutions and how to keep them effectively, and i have to say, this made much more sense than all the rest i’ve been reading.

I like how it breaks down the idea of resolutions, how it’s all about going from point A to B in steps. “Change one thing in your routine“.  That alone got me psyched enough to have a 1-hour walk this week (quite a big feat, considering I’ve been having such a bad cold for two weeks already).

Gotta think positive, and move with determination. Gotta get back on track.

I need to break down a few more resolutions. Gotta get back to making lists…


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