Of soundcloud, happy accidents & PineFox


One of the many benefits of exploring music in Soundcloud is finding amazing talent in every genre of music imaginable. While i mainly rely on referrals from friends’ accounts, once in a while i come across what i call “happy accidents“, a random click on a page that leads me to a band or singer who I’m quite unfamiliar with yet draws me in with a song, a beat or a preview of their work.

Thank you, Soundcloud for these instances.

I’m no music critic, but i relish these moments as i expand my musical tastes and push my musical boundaries.  One such encounter is PineFox, which i came across while browsing the many listed streaming music. After listening to “Another Sunny Day“, i happily checked out the page and from there breezed through an afternoon of listening to their recordings.

While some of the recordings remind me of Belle & Sebastian (most particularly Lost & Found), I found myself enjoying the arrangements of cover tracks in the playlist.  It’s a great playlist to listen to on a sunny weekend afternoon, and i can imagine myself getting caught up with a book with that as my background music.  I’m sure it would be an experience to listen to these performed live. I love how it’s bluesy, a bit folksy but still having a steady vibe that resonates throughout. Or maybe that’s just me.

Some faves:


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