RomCom RoundUp

(This was originally posted around 2009 in my old blog, but when i found myself reading it, i smiled because these are pretty much the feel good movies i end up watching up until now, especially when i feel the need for some RomCom fun… I added one last movie that i forgot to place in the original entry)

On an especially lovely day i yearn to watch something really sappy and romantic, far from the unrequited love-themed movies i like to watch, and given that V-day is a week and a half away,i figured i’d list down some of my fave feel-good/sappy/romantic films i’ve probably watched about a gazillion times already (but still love anyway). In no particular order:

Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist — yup, just watched it for the nth time today, and i’m still grinning like a fool. I love movies with a whole “everything happens in a night” timeline to it, and set in New York, i feel the vibe and the movement of the city and how it plays against the sweet connection between the two leads. My insane obsession with Michael Cera aside, this is one sweet love story worth the watch, with tons of amazing music (yes, love LOVE that soundtrack!).

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — it’s amazing how the power of love can drive people to do the most insane/amazing things; even more powerful is the drive to endure love rejected. This sweet poignant story of forgetting love/enduring love is really something, especially with the cool video work and excellent cast. And Jim Carrey CAN act, dammit!

When Harry Met Sally… — I first saw this back when i was 10. Yes, it’s about men and women TALKING about love/sex/marriage/being together most of the time, but it’s a fresh way of looking at love from several perspectives, even though you’re following the strange yet endearing relationship between Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. It’s an 80’s flick that resonates and asks the age-old question:”can a man and woman truly be friends?” Expect humor, memorable lines and unexpected scenes to linger. I can still remember vividly the fake orgasm scene. LOL.

Sleepless in Seattle — classic and definitely one of my top 10 films. Two people brought together by chance or choice? I especially love the obsession/”love guide” the movie “An Affair to Remember” moments of Meg and Rosie (“all i could say was hello”) and Tom’s character’s dialogues with director Rob Reiner (playing his best friend in the movie). Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (when she was still botox-free and Dennis Quaid’s wifey) top-bill this funny romantic comedy about going after the what-ifs of love. The soundtrack also is chock-full of classics that is great for listening 🙂

50 First Dates — Cast, Location, story. Three major reasons why i love this film. It’s that amazing on-screen chemistry between Drew and Adam that got the story going, and a story about a guy making the girl of his dreams fall for him EVERY SINGLE DAY? Awww. The music is a bonus — 80’s tracks with a twist? Absolutely!

Pretty in Pink (any John Hughes 80’s film, basically) — it’s sweet innocent love, set against the background of high school, social strata and stereotypical notions of love/hate. Oh yeah, and it’s got loads of fun music. I was born in the 80’s mind you, but i fully appreciate this decade for its amazing style, music and pop culture.

Love, Actually — this montage of tales is so sweet and endearing. Love is all around us indeed, in many ways and forms. Hugh Grant, who had me at Four Weddings and a Funeral, shows his comedic prowess together with a powerhouse cast including Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Bill Nighy.

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off — A young Matthew Broderick pretty much stole the show on this one, but i am fond of his sweetly innocent best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) who very patiently joins his friend on an adventure in Chicago. Ok, so it’s not completely romantic, but it is pretty sweet and gives one that added hope that crazy in love is a good thing 🙂 Complete with a city montage, a ride in a 1961 Ferrari GT, crazy shenanigans and yes, Matthew singing, this film’s last few lines pretty much says it all: “Life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!”

Notable films to consider: Four Weddings and A Funeral, French Kiss, 10 Things i Hate About You, Sabrina, Tootsie and Roxanne

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