Today’s motivation is brought to you by…

picture courtesy of the wonderful world wide web

SPOILER ALERT: I’m seriously having a major “girl moment” here so please, pardon the gushing (or simply close the browser and walk away)

It’s no secret i consider him my husband in my other life. And, as Sheldon would say, “no, I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.” This guy has such an enigmatic gaze that it’s almost a superpower. Consider me enamored enough to make him my hall pass. Ha! 😛

I truly doubt it if I could even meet this guy in real life. But… If (i’m hoping it’s a WHEN, but that’s just setting myself up hahaha!) that ever happens, well, i would thank all the gods there is and probably make sure that i utter something coherent enough for him not to think of me as a complete dork. Anyhoo, i’ve watched enough of his work to pretty much be amazed not only by the sheer perfection of his physique but also by the elegance of his acting. With such a wide range of projects (Generation Kill, Zoolander, Melancholia, True Blood), well, consider me hooked on Skarsgard! (ok, even writing this is making me smile, i’m ridiculous). But yeah, he can make my day a whole lot better indeed by his presence alone.

Well, Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård, thank you for making me feel a LOT better already with that swoon-worthy gaze. XOXO


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