JGL Lovin’

I have always been a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ever since i saw him on 3rd Rock from The Sun. I think he cemented his performance with Brick, this amazing film noir-type movie that’s sure to keep you glued to the screen (really, if you haven’t watched it, look for it and go watch it. You won’t be disappointed.) Since then he has gone to star in a slew of great movies, including the latest installment of Batman and (500) Days of Summer.

His latest film, Looper, stars him alongside Bruce Willis and reunites him with the director from Brick. I’m pretty sure it will be an amazing movie.

This interview from Rolling Stone is just lovely, you can clearly see how smart, funny and terrific he is not just as an actor but also as a person. Aww, JGL, you are such a prolific person!


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