Film Love: Howl’s Moving Castle

Ok, so Howl’s Moving Castle is technically an animated film.

Originally a book, it was adapted into animation by the immensely talented Hayao Miyasaki, known for his many beautifully done animated films, such as Spirited Away, My neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa and The Cat Returns, among others.

I’ve always been a fan of animation, be it a short cartoon or a full-length movie (like this one). This very beautiful story tells of Sophie, a flower store girl who gets cursed by a witch, turning her into a very old woman after a chance encounter with a handsome wizard named Howl. Horrified, she leaves her home and goes upon an adventure to find herself and her place in the world, encountering many magical beings and things, the most charming of which is Howl. Placing herself as housekeeper for his amazing moving castle, they go through many adventures that will eventually lead her to discover her true self.

For me, it’s a wonderful, magical love story, as well as a story of self-discovery, and the music simply adds to this. Listen to its amazing soundtrack and you’ll see why:

I am truly amazed by the rich, magical world of Hayao Miyasaki, and this one just exemplifies how detailed and beautifully thought of his “worlds” are. You are immediately caught in the story and each detail enhances your experience. The story line itself is complex and each character you encounter adds to the progress of the plot. What’s more amazing is how each character is uniquely described, with flaws and imperfections that make them more human and relatable in spite of the fantastic setting and plot.

Hayao Miyasaki’s movies always have a way of worming themselves into my heart, and this is no exception. In fact, this may be my favourite in the bunch. It tugs at the heartstrings, gives me much joy and cheer with its magical storyline set in a visually enchanting world and lets me experience, even for a few hours, the magic of a really good story brought to life. 🙂


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