Comfort food


Living so far away from my hometown, I often get homesick for comfort food I ate growing up. It’s no surprise then, that every time I go home I ask someone to prepare my favorite dishes. These meals are simple and very down to earth, perhaps some of the simplest dishes there is. Nonetheless, they are delicious, filling and always comfort to my tummy and soul.

The one in the picture for example, is a dish called tambo, made with bamboo shoots ( the word itself refers to bamboo shoots in my dialect, hence the name), vegetables, usually okra or saluyot leaves, and coconut milk. It’s truly delicious in its simplicity and I cannot resist having some with rice! 🙂 It’s a filling and mouth-watering dish, best served during a chilly or rainy day. I love it when they add crab to the mix, or a few shrimps to add protein. Oh, such yummy goodness indeed!

I’m getting hungry now. I wonder what’s for lunch?

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