Travel Redux: Lucerne

It’s no secret that visiting Lucerne can put a serious dent into your moolah — after all, Lucerne is one of Switzerland’s most expensive cities to live in, that, plus the added temptation of the world’s most expensive watches and chocolates everywhere pretty much tests your willpower to be thrifty.

We were very lucky to have been able to visit this picturesque city during the course of our tour. Granted, we stayed very far from the metro area (about 1 hour’s drive), but our days spent there was both eventful and lovely. Besides, everywhere in Switzerland is picturesque, be it the metro-centric areas or the countryside.

We stayed in a small town called Flüelen, in a very cozy hotel called the Hirshen Cafe-Seehof, settled between the lovely swiss mountains and overlooking the beautiful Lake Lucerne.

a view from our hotel --- a lovely chapel on top of the mountains. Everybody now, "Climb every mountain..."

I felt like singing “Climb Every Mountain” every time i woke up and looked out the window — everywhere you looked was a spectacular sight!

There’s a lot to see and do in this beautiful city, both in and out of the metro. Since we were part of a tour, we had some stuff already planned for the day. It did, however, give us a few hours to explore the city on our own.

A View of the Old Bridge from the New Bridge

a view from the dock.

Memorable experiences of the tour? A lovely ride along the Lake Lucerne — take a boat ride with the guide, it’s worth the money and will give you a chance to take so many pictures from the lake of the bustling city.

We were also fortunate to sample their scrumptious food — a lunch by the lake was just a perfect capper to the boat ride. Having a view of Lucerne’ s old buildings, of people sitting by the bank feeding the swans, walking or riding past as you enjoy a sip of ice cold Eichhof — i could truly at one point sigh and say, “this is the life!

beer+food+view= perfect!

mushroom soup with a cappuccino foam & croutons

The Swiss have their own currency (Swiss Francs) but welcomed the various currency that pass through their fair city. I guess the locals are used to tourists all over the place, most are adept with the English language even though the main languages used are German and French. I even got to encounter a local who was of thai descent, fluent in both languages and very accommodating to the throng of tourists in the souvenir shop!

You can NOT miss the chocolates in this place. I think i fell in love with Bachmann’s whose pink signage called out to me like a beacon. The place was a deli/chocolatier/ice cream shop that was smack in the middle of everything, hard to miss since there was a HUGE ice cream cone outside its doors. Ahh, it was pure bliss to be inside! rows of chocolates to choose from, and an array of pastries and savories from its deli section.

You can’t really get lost in Lucerne, but perhaps the greatest challenge for us was how to take the train back to our hotel. After some debate, we finally decided to exhaust the hours checking the city out and just go home for a nightcap by the lake with friends. It was, i think, a better decision — we had a lovely picnic, got to chill out by a spectacular view and experienced a lovely sunset.


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