Food for the Soul

Sometimes life just gets too hectic that you end up exhausting yourself, not having enough time to simply slow down and take a moment. It had been one of those times for the past few weeks, and boy did i get some mercury retrograde sh*t happening to me! Needless to say, i needed one of those (see right).

It was indeed a blessing to have a long weekend last week (ok, not necessarily a work-free one, but the stress level was a lot lower!) so most of my time was spent recuperating at home.

So what did i find one night prepared for me?

My baby made me some prawns cooked in olive oil, tomatoes and onions with a vegetable couscous siding! 🙂  Thank you love, for preparing me a lovely home-cooked meal when i was feeling so down!  I always enjoy these times — a quiet night, wonderful food lovingly prepared and best of all, just chill time with the one i love. It’s such a delicious comfort to the soul 🙂

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