Lunch Date

Hello hello! Spent a lovely lunch with Ella + Nico earlier this week. Finally got a chance to get to know Coco, their bundle of joy! She is just too precious for words! 🙂

We walked around their neighborhood and settled in for some pizza and crostini at Cafe Puccini. It’s been a while since i’ve last hung out with this lovely family, and conversations abound throughout. Over lunch and later on, coffee, we got to talking about their adventures in parenting, baptisms, transition stories and upcoming dinners that we will hopefully have together.

It’s wonderful to see the new parents enjoying their bundle of joy and having a great time exploring the brand new world of parenthood.

I think parenthood becomes them — it really is very sweet to see this couple doting on their bebe! Of course, their sweetness knows no bounds when it comes to each other as well 🙂 Awww! ❤ i love to see a couple in love!

The “date”, albeit very short, was truly a good time spent. I’m looking forward to the next time 🙂 Till then, dears!


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