Ear Candy: Whitney Houston covers

photo taken from the internet


In the light of Whitney Houston‘s passing , there has been a resurgence of her hit songs over the radio, on tv and other media outlets. It’s not surprising then that fellow artists, old and new, sing her hits.

I’ve heard most of Ms. Houston’s songs since her I’m Your Baby Tonight album came out, partially because my friends (and my mom, surprisingly) have copies.  Most of the time it was because it was being played non-stop over the radio. I mean, it’s one of those songs that you just end up memorizing because it was played out so much, everywhere. I guess it was a good thing, and her songs did sound great, especially the poppy, upbeat ones.

I only truly appreciated it when i was older. Most of my recollection of her was when i watched The Bodyguard (again, thanks Mom!) on the big screen and was awed by her voice (not to mention her outfits in that movie). She really did have a great voice, strong and resilient to the end.  That soundtrack was  a monster hit and pretty much defined her career so much that people still remember her for it to this day.

While her personal life sadly took her professional life down with it, i’ll always remember her for that powerful voice and her dazzling smile.

Anyway, back to the songs— i found a couple of artists who sang her songs that i really enjoyed listening to. These particular songs are ones i remember of her, especially the 2nd one (i blame it on constant repeat over the radio). I hope you will as well. Enjoy.

Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell singing “I Will Always Love You

The Lemonheads’ Evan Dando playing “How Will I Know

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