Fooling Around…

…with make-up. Yes, it’s a beauty post, so you have been warned 😉

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Be it a “girly-girl” type or tomboyish one, every girl has dabbled with make up at one point in her life.

My lola once said to me about it: “Facing the day with make up on is like facing the day with your game face on — always be beautiful and your day will be.” I may not be the type who wears it every single day, but i find it fun and somewhat of a mood lifter to try out new makeup and test out new ways to use them. I guess you can say it’s one way of de-stressing 😉

Thank you, dear friends and family who so lovingly gave me lots of new make-up to play with this year! 😉 I decided to try them out one day and test out my “makeup skills” (ok, i try…a lot!:P) After prepping with a foundation base (tried out a combo of Benefit’s Flawless in Honey & L’Oreal’s Liquid Base, also in Honey), I decided to play with purples and pinks from the Stila make-up palette (thanks dete!) which i discovered to be very smooth and nice to use. It really added some depth to my base eye shade (Clinique cream eye shadow — so smooth and easy to put on as well!)

The cream lip/cheek tint is also very easy to apply, and yes, the finish was lovely! I finished off with a light mascara to “extend” my lashes (thanks mom!). I’m glad my lashes are thick, it saves me time (and moolah) to finish up by not ever needing eyeliner. After a light lipgloss (i used Clinique dual lip) i was done!

I initially thought the make-up was too much, but after a few minutes of it “settling down” i noticed a more relaxed and “softer” look. Whaddya think?


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