Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day once again and i hope all of you are having a wonderful day!

I was browsing through old posts during this month and i am truly happy to realize that i’ve blogged a lot about receiving and sending mail through post. Isn’t it great to receive something in the mail? Especially during these times when technology makes communication so easy that one tends to forget to appreciate the value of letters and postcards.

I remember receiving letters and postcards from friends and loved ones and getting such a high — taking the time to write amidst a busy schedule is truly a form of love, don’t you think?

So today i figured, why not reciprocate the love? To start it off  I’m sending out some readers/followers of this blog some lovin’, old-school style! First 3 people to reply will receive a postcard set of 5 cards from my “Tikman” (it means taste in Filipino) series.  These cards are  illustrated various sweet and cool local treats here in the Philippines.  Simply email your name and mailing address to honeylette@gmail.com and the first three (3) responses will be receiving a set of urbanfaerie postcards.  Don’t forget the subject title: Vday Giveaway!  🙂

Spread the love and Happy posting!


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