Yahoo for Domino!

pic courtesy of

When i saw this piece of information at, i was ecstatic! Best news i’ve heard so far this 2012!!!

I’ve been a fan of the magazine, so much so that i actually subscribed to it (and from where i’m located, that is some big commitment, honey!) The magazine is always loaded with great finds, amazing inspiration pieces and covers not just the basics of daily home necessities but also touches on a variety of interests (fashion, food, etc.) Suffice to say that the magazine shut down and i was truly saddened. Though a book came out to fill the void, it just wasn’t the same…

Now Adweek further confirms the news: “Condé Nast said that it plans to publish a special edition of the magazine called Quick Fixes, which will be available on newsstands from April 17 through July 16.” Exciting news indeed! I look forward to renewing my subscription and get some DOMINO inspiration again 😀

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