Snippets of VinylonVinyl x Tara McPherson

Celebrating their 2nd anniversary a few days back,  Vinyl on Vinyl (a gallery in Makati’s The Collective) once again invited the lovely Tara McPherson to grace their space. Even though i came in a bit late, the place was already packed and the crowd was anxious for the festivities to start.

With Sean --- thanks for taking this pic, Gaz!

I love the little details of VinylonVinyl. There’s always something new to look at, and lots of toys and knick-knacks (aside from the artworks, of course) to shop (or for this gal at least, look at).  While waiting for Tara people chatted up and perused through her eclectic work, ranging from sketches and doodles to collection-worthy posters (Damn, i still can’t afford that “The Melvins” poster i’ve seen since her last exhibit!)  I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet the awesome artist before (at the same venue, too) but was unable to get anything signed. Thank goodness i finally got another chance to do so!

Taken with Gaz' camera --- a group pic with the lovely Tara McPherson!

The party kicked into high gear when Tara came in. A line snaked through the venue for the meet and greet, but luckily i was able to queue early, even met a few new friends while waiting for my turn, as well as catch up with old colleagues whom i haven’t seen in a while. I even got to catch up with Sean, Tara’s luvey, while waiting in line!

My “fan girl mode” was on autopilot when i finally had a chance to sit down and have her sign the prints i bought. It’s so hard to keep your cool when you’re face to face with one of your favourite artists! (like an idiot i couldn’t stop smiling or talking, hahaha—sorry Tara!)  I just hope i didn’t scare her off with my ramblings. As always, Ms. McPherson was very lovely and accommodating! I am so happy to have been able to have my purchases signed and meet her again! 🙂

Here’s a few more pics of the event (Full disclaimer: i was using my camera phone since my coolpix ran out of juice, so please forgive the poor quality!)

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