Sherlock-ed, continued

So finally i was able to complete watching series 1 and 2 of the BBC series Sherlock. I must say, for an hour and thirty minutes per episode, it got ALL of my attention. I didn’t even want to pause for a quick break while watching it.

The brilliance of the series is in the entirety of its production. Two formidable characters are played out by two equally amazing actors–Martin Freeman (who i love as Arthur in The Hitchiker’s Guide movie as well as Tim Canterbury in the UK series The Office) and Benedict Cumberbatch (i confess, i only noticed him when i started watching the series, but after much research i discovered that he was in several movies i’ve watched before and yes, he DID look a lot different here!) who plays the pivotal Sherlock Holmes. Each actor brings so much life into the characters that it’s hard to imagine who else could play these roles. Their chemistry as Holmes and Watson is truly palpable. Kudos to those who brought these two together, they have easily captured my attention and my heart! 😀

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock

Did i mention Benedict is such a gorgeous creature? His acting is spot on, and really, the guy just made Sherlock his own. 🙂 I am truly in love with the way he has made this chracter really stand out. (Honestly, he should have won that BAFTA!)

Of course, the wonderful writing of each episode is also something to be given lots of attention to. The stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is beautifully set against the dynamic life in modern-day London, yet details within the story line are the ever present nuances and eccentricities of the characters which they have carried on to give more depth and perhaps link it to the original stories. I love that in spite of Sherlock not puffing around with his pipe, he has a nicotine patch and constantly plays into his rapport with Watson the cravings of nicotine 🙂 It’s also great to see how modern technology plays into the stories, from the use of text messages to the surveillance gadgets. Even how these are tied/used in gathering information is truly remarkable, but never deterrent in the “science of deduction”.

What rounds it all out is the brilliance of its cinematography and music— really, truly amazing. The music is catchy and sustains the mood in an oddly soothing way. Listening to the soundtrack makes me think of London distinctly, but in varying eras — at one point i feel myself transported to old London, but get pulled back into the modern day era with a slight change in its tempo.

The transitions, the shots captured to set each scene, even as fleeting or as “ordinary” as looking through specimen is beautifully framed. Suffice to say that whether it be the playful banter between the characters in the flat or a speedy chase along the streets of London, how these scene transition or are set up makes it worth watching. The beauty of Sherlock indeed, is all in the details.

So now i impatiently await the next installment — without giving too much away, the last episode was such a painful cliffhanger that i am really hoping they would get a move on with the next episode! 😛

Are you sherlock-ed as i am? Check out John Watson’s blog while we wait for the next slew of episodes, or review the many kinds of tobacco ash in Sherlock’s Science of Deduction.


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