February! Can’t believe things go by so fast! I guess i owe it to this blog to have more personal stuff on here — i love being inspired or moved by something new online, be it an image, a video or music i heard recently, but this year i’m making an effort to write more, so here’s a few things i’ve been caught up so far:

I WISH our apartment would look more like this... pic taken from the internet

ON PROJECT APARTMENT: Things still haven’t really settled around the apartment, though we have been able to finally get some of our wedding gifts out of their boxes — i call that my achievement for January! 😛 We’re finally enjoying the lovely coffee (thanks Jo!) brewed from the awesome coffee maker from Ella & Nico, and yes, we have the photos framed and up on the walls! perhaps a few more things to fix and put up, and hopefully i’ll get to tackle the walls and paint a new color on them real soon 🙂

ON MY SO-CALLED DIET PLAN: It’s already the second month of the year but i’m still no thinner than i hoped i would be. Taking longer walks to the office, trying (the operative word being trying) to skip carbs and abstaining from dessert (that’s hard, considering i’m a sweet tooth kind of gal!) seems to have no effect! I’m blaming it on genes, if this continues… 😛 Anyhoo, i’m carrying on…thank goodness for friends and family support! 😀 I love how my galpals rally me (and themselves too!) on — we can do it!

ON THE FAMILY FRONT: We’ve been blessed for the past month to have the opportunity to spend time with family, be it visiting my brothers or having them visit us in the city. It’s a great time to catch up and appreciate time together. 🙂 Love it!

ON FRIENDSHIPS: I will be saying au revoir to a dear friend of mine, and it’s a really bittersweet feeling. In spite of distance, change of pace and other real life situations that hinder us from hanging out as much as we used to in college, we have remained great friends throughout the years. I will miss her dearly! She’s a great mom, a lovely teacher and wonderful friend— i truly wish her the best on her next adventure and hope to see her again very soon 🙂


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