Revisiting SATC

Sex and The City pretty much redefined my HBO viewing, along with the millions of viewers who watched this series in the 90s. For women (and men! yes, there are male viewers) the pull was pretty much stated in the title. But for me there was more to that — the fashion, the  iconic landmarks, shoes, THE FASHION, and yes, relationship stuff.  Those questions Carrie asks in the middle of the episode pretty much summed up a lot of questions i had in my head.  This particular “question” (or should i say statement) had my gal pals and i discuss Hubble, Mr. Big and all those guys we could never get our minds out of in great detail that i smile every time i remember that conversation. 🙂  Yay for the 90s and SATC marathons.


2 thoughts on “Revisiting SATC

  1. I agree with you, I mean…unfortunately I watched the whole show (I bought the whole DVD-box; made up like a shoe box, of course) just a few years ago (I’m soon 24 years old). But I could relate much more to it now, that I would’ve during the 90s. I love that show, sure I love the fashion and all that — but most of all I love the questions, just like you brought up. Those were insightful and things that women in relationships think about, but maybe some of us doesn’t want to admit it to ourselves or others…but the thoughts are still there. And I admire that the show also brought up four, so very different women! It made it easier for different types of people to relate to the show and whether you sympathized more with one of the girls; or whoever, you still loved the show.

    I remember when I started talking to people and friends around me, around the time that I started to watch it and a lot of them sort of frowned and it was like everyone was thinking that it was a meaningless chick-flick thing, but it’s more than that. According to me. Good writing :).

    So I totally agree, yay for SATC.

    • i think the series is totally relatable for many women, regardless of age. When we were watching it back in the 90’s we were more idealistic then, but perhaps the show showed several questions and scenarios that made us realize that there’s more to it than the fairy tale ending 🙂 Don’t worry, you’re not alone — when we talked about it then we were frowned upon as well, but i think it’s what you take from the show that really matters anyway, and how it helps you course your way through life’s many surprises. 😉 glad to hear from a fellow SATC fan!

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