Sherlocked, Origami & Catch-up Time

Caught the bug and now i’m stuck on Sherlock.

I’ve watched the 2nd episode of the current season so far and am trying to catch-up by downloading the 1st season. There’s just something so disarming about the Holmes&Watson bromance that keeps me glued to the tube. *sigh*

In other mundane news, i finally tried a cup of the Origami Starbucks Coffee a friend gave me as a gift from Japan. The house brew is a beautiful pack of coffee which is encased in an semi-elaborate origami “cup” which you open up and perch on top of your mug and pour hot water over, kinda like a personalized paper coffee maker. It’s so kawaii that just unpacking it makes me feel like i’m somewhere in Japan.

Had some catch-up time with girlfriends over a late launch the other day. It was lovely to meet them again after so long. Strange that there are some people who you almost never see and yet when you’re together it’s like not a day passed and you’re chatting away like nothing’s changed. I like it a lot. We discussed details about my friend’s upcoming baby shower (which we’re arranging) as well as some girl talk that’s long overdue 🙂 i love my friends.


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