Countdown to madness

Yes, the madness that is the Christmas season.

I gotta be honest.

I’m not a Christmas fan.

In fact, the best holiday for me is Halloween. Not only is it because it’s so close to my birthday, but because during Halloween you get to dress up, get crazy and nobody will bat an eyelash. That, and lots of candy. Christmas, well… let’s just say people get carried away by the season a tad too much.

As much as i am all for family gatherings, catching up with everybody over a good array of food and spreading good cheer, i’m often overwhelmed by the noise, crowded malls and seemingly never ending bouts of traffic whenever this season arrives.  All the tinsel, fake snow and caroling is giving me a headache. As much as i enjoy shopping and buying gifts for loved ones, the scary dilemma over going through throngs of people trudging in the mall is enough to make me consider getting a credit card and doing my shopping online. This country has a strangely overwhelming zeal for the holiday, with carols blasting through the radio as early as September.

Now that the actual month is here, it seems these factors have increased by the tenth fold. I wish myself  Good luck that i may survive all this and still get the chance to be jolly and sincerely happy during the holidays….  Anyhoo, that’s my mini-rant for today. Good luck y’all!


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