Series Stand Still

I’m at a loss. Most of my favourite TV series are on hiatus and i’m wondering what’s left to tide me over the holidays.

It sucks that my new fave, Community, has been “temporarily stopped” mid-season for reasons unknown by NBC. Thanks a lot, NBC! Obviously, these guys don’t know a good thing even if it poked them in the butt. :/

True Blood is on the works for their 5th season, having done with their latest last november. I’m really excited to see the new season, after that thrilling finale.

It doesn’t help that the latest book from the Sookie series isn’t gonna be available till may 2012!  I’m hoping to get my book series complete before then…

Lastly, more of  2 Broke Girls and Cougar Town please!  i’m hoping Cougar Town gets back on air pretty soon! I’m missing my scoop on the cul-de-sac crew 😀

So, what’s good to catch up on these days? I need my TV series fix, preferably funny and not too overly dramatic. Any suggestions?


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