Wanderlusting yet again


(finally got to see Paris this year!)

December starts tomorrow but even as the year ends my wanderlust hasn’t waned a bit. I am thankful for this year, it has been quite full of adventure and new travels, as well as a walk down some memorable places. I find myself thinking about the new year — where will it take me? Which place or country would i be lucky to (re)visit soon?

I’m DEFINITELY gunning for a new city to travel/explore. Pls. dear God, I hope i will have enough funds to support this dream… 

I’d love to explore more of Asia’s countries, as there are still quite a few i haven’t had the chance to visit (Indonesia & Thailand are on my list). A chance to go back to Europe would be AWESOME— i definitely would love to stay put at any of the places we visited for a longer period of time… and yes, perhaps a trip back to the US would be nice if it will allows us to visit relatives and check out other cities we haven’t been…Any suggestions would be most welcome!

Here’s hoping for more travel plans and dreams realized for the next year! 🙂 


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