Suite Vollard : Pablo Picasso

Last night my friend Jo and I attended the opening of the exhibit Pablo Picasso’s – The Vollard Suite at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. With around 100 prints which the famous painter created for one of Paris’ well-known art dealers, this exhibit got me pretty excited — it’s very seldom that you get to see a piece of art that you only read about/see in books, let alone check it out and see it up close! đŸ™‚

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Soon after the speeches and ribbon cutting, we were able to make our way through the various artworks on display.Finally seeing Picasso’s works up close really made me enjoy his works even more— you can really see detail in the artwork, as well as check out the various nuances an artwork may have. It really makes you appreciate the technique and work he’s put into each art piece. His various methods of exhibiting emotion, as well as his almost surreal imagery, are a mixture of lively and chaotic, surreal and classic, always dynamic in its composition.

It’s so wonderful that such an opportunity to share these artworks with the public has been given by the Met and its partners. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Pablo Picasso’s – The Vollard Suite (created in Paris, 1930-1937)
Duration of Exhibit is from NOV. 10, 2011 – JAN. 7, 2012

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