Sometimes life throws you a curve ball that leaves you hanging in mid-air. Sometimes it hurls a curve ball so twisted you pretty much get all tied up.

Today’s especially rough. I feel some people just weren’t meant to be living on earth , as they just seem to be wasting air and space with their wretched personalities and selfish goals. *sigh* An di thought i was done with all the drama. :/

pic from someecards

I honestly wish karma would bite them in the hiney and soon. You’d think all that intelligence would amount to something…haaay. Words aren’t sufficient enough to express the rage i am feeling… God give me strength to fight off these negative vibes! *GRRRR…*

Anyway, enough space wasted. Lord pls give me peace of mind and kindess (for if you gave me strength i may kill someone…) The week is still early. Hopefully the tide will turn before this ends.


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