Trese is here!

I’m thrilled to finally get my copy of the latest TRESE installment! I’m no comic book geek, but i do enjoy my fair share of graphic novels and comics, especially ones with stories and art that capture my attention–and TRESE is definitely something worth the money 🙂

Of course, TRESE did NOT disappoint! 🙂 TRESE, a graphic novel conceived from the awesome collaboration of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, follows the adventures of its lead character, Alexandra Trese, as she delves into crimes and foul play of the supernatural happening all over the metro.

While reading the book chronologically can give you a more in-depth view of the characters and their back stories, every “case” in each volume is packed with lots of action and a steadfast storyline (a great read even if you haven’t read the first 3 books).

So what keeps me hooked on it? Lots of reasons — The stories are riveting, the art is fantastic, and not only is it made/written in the Philippines, Philippine folklore is peppered into the story set against the urban landscape. From tikbalangs to manananggals, duwendes to mangkukulams, stories you may have heard when you were young come alive through the many adventures of Trese and her super sidekicks. But what really keeps me re-reading is its main character, a female lead, who is strong-willed, determined and definitely kick-ass!

Kudos Budjette+Kajo for a superb follow-up! Get your copy of TRESE at National Bookstore or Power Books nationwide 🙂


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