Food Tripping (part deux)

I originally wanted to do a slideshow of food we ate during our trip per country, but alas, i just kept getting hungry looking at the pictures. SO i managed to compile a few of the ones we really enjoyed and remembered from the trip, hopefully this will not leave me wanting to have a bite or sip of these things while doing so…

I always enjoy trying out the local food whenever i visit new places. Food speaks volumes of a country and local food items are not only a reflection of its culture but also of its people. I’m very happy to say that we pretty much took our tour’s title to heart and has as much tasting as we could of Europe (as proven by our gained weight and expanded waistlines!)

So what’s my foodie verdict? I think i had to physically and mentally force myself to stop eating and drinking. Every stop was such an experience that it made me wish we had more time to explore them more! But ok, to some recommendations…wine lovers won’t have any problem since each country has its own specialty — Reisling in Germany is just exquisite to try and it’s always good to try a local wine, especially ones which aren’t sold outside the country. Same goes for Beer — though while various countries produce great tasting beers, i still long for the Belgian brewed ones (thank goodness my brand is available locally! yay!)

Chocoholics, your heart may be left in Switzerland (though mine got stranded in Germany, i think) and there are dozens to choose from! My favourites so far have been the Cote d’Or fondant and these awesome Ferrero chocolates i found at a diner stop called Pocket Coffee — chocolates filled with a rich coffee liquer that just enhances the flavor of the chocolate.

Potatoes are just everywhere, but each country has their own way of preparing them, be it roesti-ed, fried, blanched or baked. We loved the beautiful and savory Roesti in Lucerne, be it a side dish or part of the main meal.

And yes, ice cream, glace, gelato or whatever you may call it, is ALWAYS perfect for any day, be it a hot or cold one! šŸ™‚

Food, glorious food indeed!

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