Remembering Paris

Be it a movie, a french song or a postcard, Paris will always evoke a romantic haze, a view through rose-colored glasses. I once thought that if you’ve gone and watched all the french movies there is to see or listened to Edith Piaf for the nth time, you might be living the Parisian life and reveling in that sensation of being there.

I was wrong.

There is nothing quite like that feeling you get when you actually visit the place and see everything for yourself.

Paris greeted me with its traffic, its streets lined with cars, buses and bikes as we got into the city by rush hour. I was a bit disoriented, my enthusiasm waning as we slowly crawled through the busy intersections. After what seemed like forever, i was ready to write it off as another crowded city.

Then i saw the Eiffel in between the buildings and my heart glowed. It was far away, almost like a small toy hiding behind a tower of cityscrapers, but it was all i needed to see. I’m finally here! My heart swelled and i smiled, the noise around me seemed to just cancel out.

Everything was just right from then on.

It’s a place of nutella crepes, of french cafes and rich lovely coffees, of wondrous buildings to look at in awe.

It’s the Louvre and the rest of the amazing museums, full of marvelous artworks that inspire and set fire to the soul. It’s romance and dreamy evening walks amongst the cobblestone roads.

It’s holding hands at dusk, looking up to see the sparkling Eiffel tower shining like a beacon of love.

Morning, midnight or just any time of the day, Paris is really something.

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