Food Trippin’ : Amsterdam

Coming back from a recent trip to Europe (the tour was aptly titled, A Taste of Europe), i found myself staring at several food pictures i’ve taken throughout the gazillion miles we’ve been moving around.

Honestly, i don’t know why i do it—perhaps i’m torturing myself by reminding myself visually of the wondrous food bites i’ve tasted. Note to self: must save up for a return trip very soon!!!!

Anyhoo, here’s a few food items we’ve tried on our trip to Amsterdam. I still have to upload a couple more but i’m getting hungry. I think i’ll upload the others next time. Perhaps in a different post.

P.S. Their pomme frites (fries or chips) are just awesome! you can buy the chips (as what they’re called) at any neighborhood fries booth — best to have it with mayonnaise! 😀

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