Thought break

from Calvin and HObbes

So anyway.

September is finally here and i’m a bundle of nerves already. I haven’t had a chance to really let anything sink in, even though several VERY important events are commencing in a few weeks. No, scratch that. A few DAYS. Geez.

I still have yet to finalize a ton of things, and drinking coffee is the only thing that seems to be keeping my mind functioning right now that i’m afraid that i’ll end up back in the hospital for my poor habits and bad management skills. Harhar.

At least work is all good.

That said, i think i just need to vent out these frustrations every so often so i won’t go totally ballistic with worry and fear that all these things i’ve done (hello, cue the Killers please) won’t go to waste.

I must remember to get my hair done ASAP. This whole business of having to deal with messy hair is adding to my problems. I’m glad two things are finally out of the way and i REALLY hope that it will come to a wonderful fruition. Yes, i am VERY vague about it because i don’t want to jinx myself. Harhar.

All right. Back to work and my list of things to do.


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