Cake dreams

Lately i’ve had a strange fascination of cakes.

This photo was taken at the latest WOFEX (World Food Expo) in Manila, situated near the ongoing food competitions. These were cakes that were judged during an earlier cake making competition, and displayed until the WOFEX came to a close.

It is a sight to see such lovely edible creations! Too bad i wasn’t able to see the chefs create these pieces. Oh well, maybe next year…

But back to cakes. They say that cooking is an art but baking is a science — i guess this holds true. A friend of mine who makes cakes professionally said that the ingredients’ measurements must be precise to result in cakes that are perfectly balanced in taste and texture. One wrong measure in the mix and you may end up with something totally different. I gotta admit, when i heard this i was apprehensive to even attempt to make one, but these creations inspire me—hopefully i will be able to create one that is just as lovely to look at (and eat or course!)


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