Nucky’s coming

I’m not much into period series, but Boardwalk Empire appeals to me on two levels. One, it stars one of my favourite actors, Steve Buscemi, playing the lead as Nucky; and two, its fabulous art direction really makes the story come alive. There are some phenomenal actors and actresses working on this series, and the fact that it’s HBO only makes it certain that yes, there’s tons of nudity and yes, there’s tons of bad language, not to mention violence (that’s part of that era anyway).  Anyhoo, i’m pretty psyched to watch the 2nd series and catch up on this. Yes, the episodes are an hour long, and it takes quite some getting used to figuring out the characters/following the story, but like Games of Thrones, once you’re hooked, you’re hooked. 🙂  See you soon, Steve!


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