150 Years of Rizal the exhibit

150 Years of Rizal, 10 Years of Team Manila, One Meaningful Exhibit

Jose Rizal, arguably one of the most recognizable of the national heroes, be it for his wit, his intellect and his love for God and country has remained an icon among Filipinos of today. To commemorate the man’s undeniable influence and legacy, TeamManila is paying tribute to him by way of “Balik sa Bayan Box: Travels of Rizal” at the Ayala Museum in Makati City on June 24, 2011. The exhibit presents Rizal’s journeys and life episodes by using the Balikbayan Box, a common staple among Filipino travelers. It also aims to serve as a visual showcase reminding all of us that we can apply Rizal’s experiences and ideologies to our lives. People can expect to see a visual feast of everything Jose Rizal.

Nationalism through art is no easy field to tread on. It entails the responsibility of communicating a traditional message to a modern and often, skeptical audience. The exhibit also highlights TeamManila’s 10th year in the industry as one of the most influential graphic design studios in the country. Their well-thought of graphic designs aim to elevate Manila and the Philippines’ rich and diverse culture to their fellow Filipinos and the rest of the world.


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