Photo Me

With a big event coming up very soon, i’ve limited my blogging time to certain free hours, and quite frankly, i can’t think of anything else to blog about except details of said event.That in mind, i don’t think blogging about that would be fun enough to talk about 0_0. So i decided to put up pictures of where i’ve been over the past few weeks instead and take all who check this blog out on a photo trip of sorts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Work has and is always constant, so i try to get in touch and get together with friends as often as my work permits me. I’m glad that in spite of all the craziness, there are friendships which endure and grow! 🙂

I’ve been blessed to get to know a lot of very fun and interesting people over the years, and i’m so happy that some of them have become family to me. It’s such a trip to get to know them more and share a lovely time just hanging out and playing.

Anyway, enjoy the photos guys and gals! 😀


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