Easter Weekend

My Easter weekend was, to say the least, interesting. I think i went through all the cycles of emotions in a matter of days which can be quite draining. My family, back from the HK trip, came over to stay for a few nights, which was great , but became a bit stressful since it was after all, a non-working couple of days and yes, Makati during a long weekend looks like an abandoned town after a bad spell of disaster.

Our quest to find some form of amusement was a failure and we just all ended up either staying at home sleeping or watching tv, or walking around endlessly in the urban terrain of Makati.

In my tiny apartment we managed to squeeze in and eventually got along to chat about all sorts of things, from the mundane to the important bits. i do wish we had a bigger space so my place wouldn’t look too much like a warzone after. I did enjoy catching up with family, especially my mom and brother though. It isn’t everyday that i get to talk about stuff with my mom, and i’m glad we got to hash out a few things during some down time. My lil brother and i had to go around the block to buy lunch and it gave us time to chat a bit about life in general as well as figure out a little bit about his plans for the future.

May is nearly upon us and the stress level is getting higher. We managed to squeeze in a movie last Saturday, Arthur, which was hilarious and fun to watch. I never got to watch the original (with Dudley Moore) so i had nothing to compare it with. The new version was poignantly sweet and engagingly funny with Russell Brand at helm, and Helen Mirren as his trusty nanny, the wackiness that ensued was quite a nice contrast to the pretty sad stuff that came with it. I’m no Brand megafan, but watching this made me like the guy more. 🙂

Sunday was lunch at Philam with luvey’s family — an enjoyable afternoon bonding with everybody. It was good to catch up and hang out with everyone, especially since it’s been a while since i’ve seen them last. Lunch was just lovely (thank you for the lovely lunch, hun!) and we even had time for Bingo. A late dinner with friends capped the night.

All in all, an interesting easter weekend. Looking forward to May now…


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