Instax love

What drew me to photography was primarily the way it easily allowed me to capture a moment in time and “freeze” it into a frame of film, one that is printed out into a copy which i can view on an album. In this age of technology and digital cameras though, instant gratification has become a norm— you snap a pic,you upload the shot and you get to send it to people via social networks and emails. Yet in spite of this modern convenience, i still like the old school way of taking photos — using film and having a hard copy of the pictures i take.

Which is probably why i am loving my Instax camera. I bought my Fuji Instax camera a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with it.

Yes, it may not be a “professional” camera by definition, but one can take great shots with it, and really, it’s how you use it that counts. I love mine because it adds fun into an already great hobby with its instant gratification, not to mention its throwback feel to a photo era of polaroids and happy snapshots. 😀

Another thing why i love using instax? It makes me compose/think about what i want to take pictures of. Given that you only have a number of shots of film, it gives you an opportunity to compose your photos, really think about what you want to take pictures of. I find that this to be more of an opportunity rather than a disadvantage. How many people needlessly take digital snapshots without really taking the time to compose it?

My friends find it bulky — bulky you say? Modern SLRs which pack a mean spec are also pretty bulky, but you carry them around too. They don’t instantly print out your photos either. I also own an SLR and i gotta say, fixing up which lens to use for a specific shot during a fun activity can take all the fun out.

In the end, it’s the combination of all these reasons that won my heart. The cool vintage feel of polaroids combined with modern technology produces great photos without the waiting (film developing) but can give you a hard copy of your shots? Hell yeah! 🙂

Want to have your own Instax love? Check out Instax Manila for supplies, cameras and other info 🙂


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