Hello April

It’s the First of April and yes, i’ve been away on my other social networks to really blog anything here. I think i’ve been procrastinating from writing or posting anything here because, quite simply, i have nothing to post. Don’t get me wrong, work’s been helluva busy and the rest of my non-working life has been up to the heavens with activities, but nothing that would make me go, “oh, i should write/rant about this online!”. No siree-bub.

So, in an attempt to stop all this procrastination, i write.

It’s April, officially summer season.The heat has been bearable, quote possibly because of the strange weather we’ve been having. One day it’s hot as hell, the next, a cool breeze floats through the windows as clouds hover over like they’re about to burst. Weird weather. Nonetheless, People are wearing shorts, donning sunglasses and downing down iced teas. Weather be damned, it’s summer! Bikinis are stashed into bags, weekend plans are made and beaches are crammed with vacationers.

Alas, i am not one of them.

I wish i were. I feel like a beached whale sometimes, flailing about seeking refuge from the heat. I dream of waves awashing me, drenching me in their coolness and floating on the clear blue waters of the beach. I miss being swept away by the island life, even for just a few days. Oh, to lounge by the shore and enjoy the balmy breeze while sipping a cold mango shake! oh joy indeed!

My dream remains that — a dream.

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