A Wake Up Call

Yesterday (friday) afternoon i woke up to a terrible wave of news. An 8.9 Magnitude earthquake occurred in northern Japan, its biggest and worst by far (Japan, being in the Ring of Fire, get earthquakes often). This event triggered a horrible tsunami which caused extensive damage all over the country. Coastal towns and nearby cities from the epicenter were awashed and severely damaged. What’s worse, this massive earthquake created a domino effect, sounding off tsunami alerts in the entire Pacific Coast. By now everybody’s alert on what’s been happening, and through the internet and various social media, everybody is getting updates and forewarned. I truly am saddened by what’s happening and hope that the people of Japan as well as other countries which may be affected right now in the aftermath of this quake.

This is a wake up call to all of us. We need to be more prepared of any upcoming disasters and devastations (Japan is truly a reminder and inspiration for other countries to never take policies of structural safety for granted) but more importantly, we need to take care of our planet. As all this was happening, i started to freak out. i couldn’t help but think about the Mayan “end-of-the-world” theory and how this event only sends us closer to that scenario, and how this may just be the beginning of more things to come. Talking to my friends and family helped me calm down, but the concern and worry remains — do we even have a chance to make this planet (our only home) better? Are we in the brink of a drastic change of an epic scale? Or is this just Earth’s way of making us see the error of our ways?

I truly hope that it is not too late for us to do our part in taking care of this planet. It really is time to get our act together.

For those who would like to find out more about what’s happening, please check out the following links:

Stay Connected via the news sites: Reuters, CNN, BBC and NHK
on Twitter, Check out hashtags #Japan, #japanearthquake #prayforjapan #tsunami #earthquake or follow @earthquakejapan for more updates and information.
Txt REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to #Japan eq & Pacific #tsunami relief. http://bit.ly/eZJDoJ
Have family or friends in Japan? Google deployed People Finder to help find possible/missing quake victims http://bit.ly/ha87eK

Prayers also help. Those who can volunteer, please do. For those in the areas still on alert, we pray for you and your families’ safety.


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