Something from the mail

I love getting something in the mail. I’m an avid fan of snail mail, and truly enjoy getting postcards or letters from friends and family in spite of easy access to emails. It gives people a chance to sit down, collect their thoughts and write something to whoever they’re sending their thoughts to. Whether it’s a simple message or a very detailed account of their stories, sending snail mail feels a lot more personal and heartfelt. I guess it’s the act of taking and making time that makes this simple thing so precious and enjoyable. Besides, like reading books, i love to actually hold on to something and re-read it when i want to, and not have to open a laptop and read text on a monitor.

Today i got a postcard from one of my favourite people in the world, Roo. He works as a photographer and his job enables him to do a lot of travelling. He sent me a postie from the Bahamas! Thank you Roo! 😀


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