new year, new things

I guess i’m in a creative rut. These first weeks have a bit of draining effect on me since i’ve started working on new projects for work (and from the looks of it, getting overwhelmed by feedback and revisions) as well as trying to jumpstart planning on certain events which will occur later this year. I think i needed to focus more on what i can do, creatives-wise.

My old portfolio site ( is temporarily down and in my transition to a better site i’ve still so much to do to resuscitate it. Luckily, i found a new place — you can check out my portfolio work in Behance — not only is it a great way to showcase your work, you can also interact and connect with fellow designers, artists and developers. Thanks, Behance!

That said, i’ve been able to upload some new work as well. I’m hoping that this year i will push myself to do more things creatively. Perhaps, get back to making more of these or develop more of this. Or maybe just do something new entirely.

Well, here’s to more things this year! xoxo


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